Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Family at Gemini {Shawna Everett Photography}

This past weekend I was introduced to the very
sweet Harmon family, and the most exciting 
newest member…. Vanessa ! She was a doll, and although it 
was a touch chilly and windy, she still came through with
some really cute smiles. (well… grins!)  I wish you could see
her very cool and hand painted converse she was wearing.
Her mommy, Candace paints them, and you REALLY should
check them out …. they are incredible ! 

Thanks to Candace and family for allowing me
to take your photos ! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jackson's Six month at Bridle Oaks ! {Bridle Oaks Barn}

Today I got to do a shoot at Bridle Oaks! 
This little handsome fella is Jackson and he was
too cute all decked out in all his hats. This was his 
six month shoot, so I decided to try out Bridle Oaks barn
for a shoot. It was a gorgeous day with the light breeze and
warm sun coming through all the trees. I just love it out
there, and I also love seeing great friends and clients out
there with such great models! 
Thanks again to Josh and Mandy for coming out today!
(and Jackson too!)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Pretty mama to be! {shawna everett photography}

This is itsy bitsy Linh and her husband ! They are expecting 
a baby boy in July and I was really excited to
meet them at Gemini Springs for their pregnancy shoot
this past weekend. It was a little hot out, but once we got into 
the Orlando Magic clothing, things got more relaxed
and fun. I think she's just about the cutest pregnant
mama ever, don't you? !

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby Isaac { Shawna Everett Photography}

Yay ! I got to meet baby Isaac, who I saw in his mommy's
belly just two weeks ago. So surreal, it is. He is such a little 
cutie, and big brother Eli was a huge help and very sweet 
with his new lil' brother. I'm very happy for the Baldillo
family, and I'm so glad they asked me to capture their 
newborn photos. It was bittersweet because this is the
last shoot I'll be doing in my Springview home. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet a future Olympian! {Debary photography}

So this is Alexa… and I'd like you to know there's a very 
good chance you are looking at a future gymnastics star!
I say that, not only because she's walking at 9 months old…
but because she has her mommy's feet and that means she'll
be a lot like her mommy. Kim was a friend of mine in our
tween/teen years and we went to gymnastics camp together for
many summers. (we have SOME stories!!) She was much better
than I, and actually went to college on a gymnastics scholarship. 
This is her first daughter, Alexa, and she is a beauty!! I loved
meeting her and absolutely fell in love with her smile and 
sweet spirit. Keep your eye on this one! 
Thanks for coming to Gemini guys!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines day cousins! {shawna everett photography} {Gemini Springs}

It was a beautiful day at Gemini Springs on Saturday, Valentines day!
These are four of the cutest valentines ever. 
Check out the girls striped outfits from Etsy.  I love it when clients 
put things together with thought !  It really does make such a 
difference in family shoots. These kids did really wonderful. 
They were great listeners and really did help to make the shoot
easy, fun and a great success. I can't wait to start editing the rest!
Thanks to Shannon and Brooke for asking me to do them !

Eli will be a big brother… {shawna everett photography}

Elijah is so lucky! He will be a big brother very soon. 
I can tell he will be an excellent help to mommy and he
will be a very good big brother to his new lil' brother!
Elijah did great during our shoot. He had a lot of fun
painting mommy's belly and running around in the park.
He is a great little guy and one of the sweetest I know. 
Now, lets bring on one more adorable Baldillo baby...
I can't wait to meet Kelley and Eric's next little guy!